Grantee Resources

Grantee Resources

Here you will find information related to managing your ALR grant, including reporting requirements and instructions, technical support, guidelines on citing your research, and guidelines for providing ALR with a summary of your project findings.

Submitting Reports

Grantees with projects funded for more than 12 months are required to submit an annual and a final report.  The annual report is due one month after the completion of the first 12 months of your project, and the final report is due one month after the final project end date.  The final report is a substantive record of the activities conducted in all the years of your grant and how they met the goals set forth in your proposal. Read detailed information from RWJF about the reporting requirements.

If you need to revise your current budget, you will need to submit a request for a budget revision.  Please contact ALR to work directly with your designated grant coordinator to complete and process the appropriate forms. Your budget will need to be revised if you anticipate spending in excess of 110 percent of an approved budget category; when you need to add a line item or adjust your line-item distribution because of a change in your project; or if you wish to carry over unspent funds from a prior period.


ALR has a Grantee Accelerometer Lending Library of ActiGraph GT1M and GT3X units including supporting equipment, which are available to former and active ALR grantees. All equipment is loaned on a first come, first serve basis. To request use of the ALR accelerometer equipment, please email Chad Spoon.

Citing Your Work

All published work from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Active Living Research program should contain the following credit line:

The grant was awarded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through its Active Living Research program.

If you are nearing completion of your project, contact Carmen Cutter, ALR Deputy Director, to work with you to disseminate the project findings.

Please send copies of publications to Chad Spoon at the National Program Office.  If you need any other technical assistance, please contact Active Living Research.

Communicating Your Research

ALR asks grantees to help us share your research findings and lessons learned with advocates, practitioners, policy-makers, members of the media and other relevant non-scientists. Periodically, members of Active Living Research will contact former grantees to help draft a summary of project findings that can be posted to the ALR website.

Past Calls for Proposals

Our past ALR calls for proposals are available for you to download and save for your reference.