Preventive Medicine February 2017

Preventive Medicine February 2017

Preventive Medicine, February 2017 Supplement Issue

The February 2017, Supplement (Vol. 95, Supplement) issue of Preventive Medicine is devoted to Active Living Research.

This issue highlights papers selected from abstracts submitted for presentation at Active Living Research's 13th annual conference in February 2016. The theme of the 2016 annual conference was Equity in Active Living.

Below you can find all articles contained in the 2017 Supplement issue.

Guest Editorial

  • The 2016 Active Living Research Conference: Equity in Active Living
    NR Keith, ML Baskin, SA Wilhelm Stanis, & JF Sallis
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Schools and After School - Research Articles

  • Associations Between Demographic Characteristics and Physical Activity Practices in Nevada Schools
    SM Monnat, MAF Lounsbery, TL McKenzie, & RF Chandler
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  • Shared Use Agreements and Leisure Time Physical Activity in North Carolina Public Schools
    TA Carlton, MA Kanters, JN Bocarro, MF Floyd, MB Edwards, & LJ Suau
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  • Using Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Prioritize Policy and Programmatic Approaches to Physical Activity Promotion and Obesity Prevention in Childhood
    AL Cradock, JL Barrett, EL Kenney, CM Giles, ZJ Ward, MW Long, SC Resch, AA Pipito, ER Wei, & SL Gortmaker
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  • From Sedentary to Active School Commute: Multi-Level Factors Associated with Travel Mode Shifts
    C Lee, J Yoon, & X Zhu
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  • Strength of Obesity Prevention Interventions in Early Care and Education Settings: A Systematic Review
    DS Ward, E Welker, A Choate, KE Henderson, M Lott, A Tovar, A Wilson, & JF Sallis
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  • Shared Use Agreements Between Municipalities and Public Schools in the United States, 2014
    JD Omura, SA Carlson, P Paul, S Sliwa, SJ Onufrak, & JE Fulton
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Communities - Research Articles

  • The Influence of Walkability on Broader Mobility for Canadian Middle Aged and Older Adults: An Examination of Walk Score™ and the Mobility Over Varied Environments Scale (MOVES)
    JA Hirsch, M Winters, PJ Clarke, N Ste-Marie, & HA McKay
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  • Objective Reports Versus Subjective Perceptions of Crime and their Relationships to Accelerometer-Measured Physical Activity in Hispanic Caretaker-Child Dyads
    M van Bakergem, EC Sommer, WJ Heerman, JA Hipp, & SL Barkin
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  • Does the Built Environment Moderate the Relationship Between Having a Disability and Lower Levels of Physical Activity? A Systematic Review
    Y Eisenberg, KA Vanderbom, & V Vasudevan
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  • The Physical Environment of Positive Places: Exploring Differences Between Age Groups
    TE Laatikainen, A Broberg, & M Kyttä
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Communities - Practice Brief

  • Measuring Policy and Related Effects of a Health Impact Assessment Related to Connectivity
    TK Bias & CG Abildso
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Parks and Recreation - Research Articles

  • A Longitudinal Examination of Improved Access on Park Use and Physical Activity in a Low-Income and Majority African American Neighborhood Park
    CL Schultz, SA Wilhelm Stanis, SP Sayers, LA Thombs, & IM Thomas
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  • Green and Lean: Is Neighborhood Park and Playground Availability Associated with Youth Obesity? Variations by Gender, Socioeconomic Status, and Race/Ethnicity
    SM Hughey, AT Kaczynski, S Child, JB Moore, D Porter, & J Hibbert
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  • “We Actually Care and We Want to Make the Parks Better”: A Qualitative Study of Youth Experiences and Perceptions after Conducting Park Audits
    DG Gallerani, GM Besenyi, SA Wilhelm Stanis, & AT Kaczynski
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Parks and Recreation - Practice Brief

  • Strategic and Integrated Planning for Healthy, Connected Cities: Chattanooga Case Study
    H Elwell Bostrom, B Shulaker, J Rippon, & R Wood
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Transportation and Land Use - Research Articles

  • Associations Between Active Living-Oriented Zoning and No Adult Leisure-Time Physical Activity in the U.S.
    J Leider, JF Chriqui, & E Thrun
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  • Pedestrian-Oriented Zoning is Associated with Reduced Income and Poverty Disparities in Adult Active Travel to Work, United States
    JF Chriqui, J Leider, E Thrun, LM Nicholson, & SJ Slater
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  • Quantifying Bicycle Network Connectivity
    M Lowry & T Hadden Loh
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Transportation and Land Use - Practice Brief

  • A Comprehensive Scoring System to Measure Healthy Community Design in Land Use Plans and Regulations
    KM Maiden, M Kaplan, LA Walling, PP Miller, & G Crist
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Commentary Articles

  • Pushing Policy that Promotes Equity in Active Living - From the Outside and From the Inside
    I Thomas
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  • Physical Activity in Indian Country
    O Roanhorse
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  • Equity in Active Living for People with Disabilities: Less Talk and More Action
    JH Rimmer
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