2012 Conference

ALR Conference 2012

The 9th Active Living Research Annual Conference was held March 12-14, 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, CA. The theme was Disparities in Environments and Policies that Support Active Living, which recognized the importance of engaging experts from multiple disciplines to address the inequities seen in many communities throughout the nation where childhood obesity and inactivity are the highest. The 2012 conference highlighted research that examines socioeconomic and racial-ethnic disparities in opportunities for physical activity, policies that may lead to environmental disparities, and potential solutions to these disparities.

A select number of papers presented at the 2012 conference are available for free in the February 2013 supplemental issue of the Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

You can view the 2012 conference presentations by clicking on each day's agenda.

2012 Translating Research to Policy Award

The fifth annual Translating Research to Policy Award recognized an innovative team representing research, policy and/or advocacy who have had success in catalyzing policy or environmental change of relevance to youth physical activity, sedentary behavior and obesity prevention. For more information on the recipients, please visit the 2012 Translation Award page.